Our battalion consists of professionals and amateurs who have an exceptional dedication for elevating their game, and growing the sport in their local communities. Our team members perform numerous grassroots approaches of spreading our shared passion for the sport. You’ll regularly catch our lineup helping with course planning, event operations, clinics, and various other disc golf related advancements. 



Andrew Marwede #75590

Location: Alpena, MI

Started Playing: 2015

Home Course: Lumberjack Meadows

Favorite Course: Victory Park

Bag/Cart: Delta Cart

Go-To Disc: Innova Firebird

Memorable Win: 2018 Hickory Hills Open (First A-Tier win)

Goals: Win a DGPT/NT

Advice: Confidence is everything. Play to your strengths. Practice putt!



Austin Bannen #121255

Location: Kingsley, MI

Started Playing: 2017

Home Course: The Bear’s Den

Favorite Course: The Bear’s Den

Bag/Cart: Pound Octothorpe

Go-To Disc: Discmania Exo Soft Tactic

Memorable Win: Winning my first tournament at East Jordan Lions Tourney 

Goals: Be more consistent on the course and more consistent in my practice

Advice: Practice what you struggle with the most so when the situation calls for something you aren’t the best at, you can still be confident in your execution.



Cam Benak #74356

Location: Traverse City, MI

Started Playing: 2014

Home Course: Hickory Hills

Favorite Course: Nevin Park DGC

Bag/Cart: Grip Ax Series

Go-To Disc: Innova KC Pro Glow Roc

Memorable Win: First Open Win, shot back to back 1000+ rated rounds

Goals: To be 1000 rated

Advice: Start with a straight putter or midrange to learn your form.



Casey Simmons #75686

Location: Marquette, MI

Started Playing: 2009

Home Course: Silver Creek DGC

Favorite Course: Bailey DGC

Bag/Cart: Ridge Roller v2

Go-To Disc: Discraft Glo Z Buzzz

Memorable Win: Grand Traverse Championship 

Goals: Top 25 at Amateur World Championships

Advice: When starting out, use putters and midrange discs. Work your way up to using a driver. When playing wooded courses, always look at multiple lines.



Claire Barckholtz #132546

Location: Saginaw, MI

Started Playing: 2018

Home Course: Wickes Woods

Favorite Course: Hickory Hills

Bag/Cart: A black and red Zuca cart named Lightning McQueen

Go-To Disc: MVP Ohm

Goals: My biggest goal for disc golf is growing the sport for women. I want to make disc golf more accessible and acceptable for women. I also would love to achieve the perfect pre-tournament ritual and do everything with a smile on my face. 

Advice: Smile. Always. Do everything with happiness. If something isn't working, you're learning from that. Bad throws happen (after all "Why Are Trees?"). Have fun, be serious, but not too serious. If you're giving it your all, that is the best thing you can do.



Colton Preischel #87262

Location: Buffalo, NY

Started Playing: 2013

Home Course: Chestnut Ridge

Favorite Course: Black Diamond DGC

Bag/Cart: Grip AX4 Series

Go-To Disc: Innova 2018/2020 Sexton Firebird

Memorable Win: 2017 Buffalo Flying Disc Open 

Goals: Get my first Open win and break a 980 rating

Advice: Stay loose and have fun out there



Grant McMullen #57727

Location: Traverse City, MI

Started Playing: 2002

Home Course: Hickory Hills

Favorite Course: Kensington Toboggan

Bag/Cart: Grip

Go-To Disc: Innova Firebird

Goals: Play more disc golf 

Advice: Play your game and stick to your strengths. 



Jake Klingelsmith #97747

Location: Draper, UT

Started Playing: 2010

Home Course: Creekside Park

Favorite Course: Mulligans DGC

Bag/Cart: Compact Zuca cart, Innova Superhero bag

Go-To Disc: Innova DX Roc

Memorable Win: My most memorable win took place in 2019, in The Black Ace Open at Myles Kimmerly DGC. The first round did not go as planned leaving me in the middle of the pack. As the second round started, so did a terrible rain/thunderstorm. I threw my R-Pro pig on every shot that round and came back to tie, and then win the playoff!

Goals: I would like to push my rating up as close to 980 this season. A big thing to make that possible is working on my putting mechanics and mental game!

Advice: When in doubt, slow down your game!



Jeff Kuehle #25330

Location: Wyoming, MI

Started Playing: 1985

Home Course: Garfield Park

Favorite Course: Kensington Toboggan

Bag/Cart: Grip bag, Zuca cart

Go-To Disc: Innova Star TL

Memorable Win: First pro win - 2007 Fall Color Classic at Riverside Park. 

Goals: To be the number 1 Masters player in Michigan. Get to 1000 rated. 

Advice: Putting levels the playing field. Practice putting the most. 



Kyle Mihatsch #43548

Location: Traverse City, MI

Home Course: Highland Groves

Bag/Cart: Pound Octothorpe, Zuca



Kyle Williams #40128

Location: Cadillac, MI

Started Playing: 2002

Home Course: Kenwood Heritage Park

Favorite Course: Riverside Park

Bag/Cart: Zuca / Grip EQ

Go-To Disc: Innova TeeBird

Memorable Win: Northern MI Championship

Goals: Push to 1010 and above.

Advice: When you step outside your comfort zone in a shot, it's probably not going to end well. Use the shot you are 100% confident in. 



Logan Turner #29345

Location: Southern California

Started Playing: 2001

Home Courses: Hickory Hills, Gillies Creek, Whittier Narrows

Favorite Course: Idlewild

Bag/Cart: Dynamic Discs Ranger Bag

Go-To Discs: Gateway Warlock, Prodigy M4, Prodigy D3

Memorable Win: 2012 Wintertime Open

Goals: 1000 Rating, 100 Consecutive Bogey-Free Tournament Holes

Advice: Travel to new events as often as possible, and play blind sometimes. These experiences will help you play better under pressure when it counts, do what’s natural, and make you more well-rounded or adaptable to any course than that guy who just slays his local course every day.



Matt Ingersoll #93278

Location: Midland, MI

Started Playing: 2014

Home Course: Wickes Woods

Favorite Courses: Renegade’s Trail, Maple Hill DGC

Bag/Cart: Zuca AT (main); MVP Voyager Pro 2.0 (backup)

Go-To Disc: Streamline Neutron Lift

Goals: To be a solid putter from C2 and Deadly in C1! But also to travel the state and country more to play bucket list courses and find hidden gems. I also want to place in the top 5 of MA2 at least three times this year. 

Advice: Don’t be afraid to go to the course or the field by yourself to really learn your bag, your skills, and your inner self. All too often we seek the advice and approval of others, and don’t put enough stock in ourselves. This sport that we all know and love will introduce you to some great people, so you should definitely see what others have to say. But at the end of the day, don’t lose sight of why you play the game to begin with! Strive to be a better golfer than the one you were yesterday. 



Nick Bosovich #51082

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Started Playing: 2010

Home Course: Earl W. Brewer Park

Favorite Course: BlueGill DGC

Bag/Cart: Zuca Backpack Cart LG w/ Dynamic Discs Ranger bag

Go-To Disc: Discraft Big Z Nuke

Memorable Win: 2017 Leprechaun's Last Stand. Four way tie for 1st place in Advanced. Won it in one the first hole throw off!

Goals: Consistency in 2021, maintain my rating or improve 970+

Advice: Practice like it’s for real.



Travis Lowe #54835

Location: Manistee, MI

Started Playing: 2004 

Home Courses: Mason County Park 

Favorite Course: Sky High DGC 

Bag/Cart: Cart in summer and bag in winter 

Go-To Disc: Discraft Zone

Memorable Win: Black Ace Open at Myles Kimmerly. Shot my only 1000+ rated round. 

Goals: Get more involved in Mason County Club now that I’m a board member 

Advice: Play for yourself don’t worry about others!