Discmania Active Premium Glow Majesty

Discmania Active Premium Glow Majesty

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Images are examples, actual disc & foil will vary

Flight Numbers: 13 | 5 | -2 | 2

The Majesty is a true speed 13 disc capable of handling a wide variety of shot patterns. Although it is not as suitable for beginner to intermediate level players, you may find it useful as one of your first high speed over-stable drivers. Golfers with higher power and arm speed will notice the Majesty offering some under-stable turn before returning to its normal flight path. 

Some of the Active Premium models have been weighing in a little higher than our intended target range of 165-170. Please be aware that we are extending the Active Premium weight range to fall between 165-176, aside from the Majesty, which is PDGA legal up to 174.3 grams.

These are great for tailwinds, moderate headwind, backhand, forehand, and roller shots. Your distance drives will feel royal, the exceptional quality of the plastic regal, and effortless glide of this disc remarkable. Grab your Majesty and put it to the ultimate test today.

Pro tip: Active premium plastic is much more durable than it’s base line counterparts. Mold profiles will remain the same while the higher end productions such as this one will naturally be more over-stable in flight and provide a longer life in your bag, able to resist months or even years of every day wear and tear out on the course.

These Majestys come from the same batch of discs found on our 2022 Mystery Boxes. The Majesty is not offered in Glow Premium plastic in our regular stock selection, so here's a rare chance to grab some. These discs feature a pretty flat profile and pack some substantial stability, making these a great choice for windy days, sidearms and more.

The Majesty is a wide-rimmed distance driver that's designed to go for maximum distance, thanks to its immense speed. It offers a great glide, good amount of high speed turn and a forward-penetrating fade once the speed starts to slow down. This combination of features makes the Majesty useful tool for many skill levels. We don't recommend the Majesty for beginners however, as those newer to the sport should first hone in their skill with slower and more predictable discs.

The durable Active Glow Premium plastic offers a long life for this disc and a great grip for both backhand and sidearm. This plastic also glows in the dark, offering you more time for play when the dark creeps in!