Dynamic Discs Lucid Air Trespass
Dynamic Discs Lucid Air Trespass

Dynamic Discs Lucid Air Trespass

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Flight Numbers: 12 | 5 | -0.5 | 3 

The Trespass is the high-speed driver for the masses.

It is very neutral in its flight, not being too stable or flipping over. The wide rim is able to take all the power that you can throw at it and just keep gliding to new distances. The Trespass will allow you to break through all obstacles and explore new territory in your distance drives.

Our Lucid disc golf plastic has built a reputation as a seriously tough yet incredibly beautiful option among your collection. Taking a lighter approach, Lucid Air starts with the same material as our durable Lucid plastic but features microbubbles over the top and middle of the rim to shave off some weight. Design wise, the disc features solid plastic at the top and bottom of the rim to protect the microbubbles in the plastic on impact. The resulting weight distribution is nearly identical to our Lucid and Fuzion plastic discs.